ONGC Sample Interview Questions

(Based upon memories of appeared candidates)

ONGC SAMPLE INTERVIEW QUESTIONS (Based upon memory of appeared candidates)


Candidate 1 (Reservoir Engineering Panel)

1. What is reservoir ?

2. Which parameter helps in transmissibility of fluid?

3. How many types of permeability are there?

4. Draw graph between oil formation volume factor and pressure and also draw graph between pressure and GOR?

5. What is instantaneous GOR?

6. What is optimum flow rate in a gas well?

7. What is flow after flow test? Draw pressure vs time graph?

8. Write formula for two phase formation factor.

9. How optimum flow rate is found out in oil reservoir?

10. What is AOF?

11. What is IOR?

12. How many types of EOR methods are there?

13. What is CSS?

14. How secondary recovery is done?

15. What is the function of surfactants?

16. What keeps the oil immobile?

17. What is skin factor?

18. Hydraulic fracturing comes in negative or positive skin?

19. How will u ensure whether the formation is damaged or stimulated?

20. What do u mean by additional pressure drop?

21. Apart from positive skin, what else could be the reason for additional pressure drop?

22. How will you find WOC from logs?

23. How can you find saturation from logs?

24. How can u find saturation from cased hole logs?

25. What are Production logging tools?

26. Which log will tell you about water cut ?


Candidate 2 ( Production Engineering Panel)

1. What is work over?

2. Name two fishing tool.

3. What is frac point and propagation pressure?

4. What is NPSH?

5. What is stock tank barrel?

6. What’s is viscosifier and name some viscosifier used in fracturing fluid?

7. What is gel strength?

8. Describe hydraulic fracturing?

9. What is skin factor?

10. What is skin bypass fracturing?

11. Name some BRICS nation?

12. What istotal  Russia crude oil production?

13. Tell two types of flowmeters ?

14. Limitations of Sucker Rod Pump?

15. What is matrix acidizing and when we use it?

16. What is the Difference between N-80 and L-80 Tubing?


Candidate 3 (Drilling Engineering Panel)

1. What are the functions of driling mud?

2. What is neutral point?

3. What is kick and how do we detect kick?

4. Function of blind ram?

5. Difference between tricone roller bit and pdc bit?

6. What is bit floundering?

7. What is D-exponent and how does it vary with depth?

8. Tell us causes of differential sticking and measures to overcome it?

9. What is driller’s method of well control and how many circulations are needed for the same?

10. Composition of cement and its types.

11. Difference between guide shoe and float shoe?

12. What is ballooning?

13. Difference between derrick and mast?

14. Tell us standard casing policy for an oil well?

15. What is fracture gradient?

16. What is the mechanical advantage of pulley system?

17. What is top drive system?

18. What is overbalanced drilling?

19. What is the unit of gel strength and yield point?

20. What is plastic viscosity and how it is measured for a Bingham plastic model?

21. What is the full form of API?

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